Short Lead Time for Gas Gas Heat Exchanger - Plate type Air preheater for Reformer Furnace – Shphe

How it works ☆ Plate type air preheater is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection equipment. ☆ The main heat transfer element, ie. flat plate or corrugated plate are welded together or mechanically fixed to form plate pack. The modular design of the product makes the structure flexible. The unique AIR FILMTM technology solved the dew point corrosion. Air preheater is widely used in oil refinery, chemical, steel mill, power plant, etc. Application ☆ Reformer furnace for hydrogen, delayed coking furnace, cracking furnace ☆ High temperature smelter ☆ Steel blast furnace ☆ Garbage incinerator ☆ Gas heating and cooling in chemical plant ☆ Coating machine heating, recovery of tail gas waste heat ☆ Waste heat recovery in glass/ceramic industry ☆ Tail gas treating unit of spray system ☆ Tail gas treating unit of non-ferrous metallurgy industry