Newly Arrival Heat Exchanger Ac Unit - Titanium Plate & frame heat exchanger – Shphe

Principle Plate & frame heat exchanger is composed of heat transfer plates (corrugated metal plates) which are sealed by gaskets, tightened together by tie rods with locking nuts between frame plate. The port holes on the plate form a continuous flow path, the fluid runs into the path from inlet and is distributed into flow channel between heat transfer plates. The two fluids flows in counter current. Heat is transferred from hot side to cold side through heat transfer plates, the hot fluid is cooled down and the cold fluid is warmed up.

Item Value
Design Pressure < 3.6 MPa
Design Temp. < 180 0 C
Surface/Plate 0.032 - 2.2 m2
Nozzle Size DN 32 - DN 500
Plate Thickness 0.4 – 0.9 mm
Corrugation Depth 2.5 – 4.0 mm
Features High heat transfer coefficient Compact structure with less foot print Convenient for maintenance and cleaning Low fouling factor Small end-approach temperature Light weight Material
Plate material Gasket material
Austenitic SS EPDM
Duplex SS NBR
Ti & Ti alloy FKM
Ni & Ni alloy PTFE cushion