Factory wholesale Lubricating Oil Cooler - Condenser for vapor and organic gas – Shphe

How it works Features ☆ The unique designed plate corrugation form plate channel and tube channel. Two plates stacked to form sine shaped corrugated plate channel, the plate pairs stacked to form elliptically tube channel. ☆ Turbulent Flow in plate channel results high heat transfer efficiency, while tube channel has the feature of small flow resistance and high press. resistant. ☆ Fully welded structure, safe and reliable, suitable for high temp., high press. and hazardous application. ☆ No dead area of flowing, removable structure of tube side facilitate mechanical cleaning. ☆ As condenser, super cooling temp. of steam can be well controlled. ☆ Flexible design, multiple structures, can meet requirement of various process and installation space. ☆ Compact structure with small footprint. Flexible flow pass configuration ☆ Cross flow of plate side and tube side or cross flow and counter flow. ☆ Multiple plate pack for one heat exchanger. ☆ Multiple pass for both tube side and plate side. Baffle plate can be re-configured to suit changed process requirement.

Range of application Variable structure

Condenser: for vapor or condensing of organic gas, can meet condensate depression requirement

gas-liquid: for temp. drop or dehumidifier of wet air or flue gas

Liquid-liquid: for high temp., high press.Flammable and explosive process

Evaporator, condenser: one pass for phase change side, high heat transfer efficiency.

Application ☆ Oil refinery ● Crude oil heater, condenser ☆ Oil & gas ● Desulfurization, decarburization of natural gas – lean/rich amine heat exchanger ● Dehydration of natural gas – lean / rich amine exchanger ☆ Chemical ● Process cooling / condensing / evaporation ● Cooling or heating of various chemical substances ● MVR system evaporator, condenser, pre-heater ☆ Power ● Steam condenser ● Lub. Oil cooler ● Thermal oil heat exchanger ● Flue gas condensing cooler ● Evaporator, condenser, heat regenerator of Kalina cycle, Organic Rankine Cycle ☆ HVAC ● Basic heat station ● Press. isolation station ● Flue gas condenser for fuel boiler ● Air dehumidifier ● Condenser, evaporator for refrigeration unit ☆ Other industry ● Fine chemical, coking, fertilizer, chemical fiber, paper & pulp, fermentation, metallurgy, steel, etc.