Customized Welded Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

Product Introduction Pillow plate heat exchanger is made of two metal sheets of either a different or the same wall thickness, welded together by using laser or resistance welding. By a special inflation process, fluid channels are created between these two heat exchange plates.   Applications As a custom-made welded heat exchanger for the industrial cooling or heating process, Pillow plate heat exchangers are widely used in drying, grease, chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmacy industry etc. Advantages Why pillow plate heat exchangers used more and more widely? The reason lies in a range of advantages of pillow plate heat exchanger: First of all, due to the open system and the relatively flat external surface, it is easy for cleaning and maintenance. Secondly, welding pattern guarantees high turbulence, which creates high heat transfer coefficient and less fouling. Thirdly, as no gaskets are required, it has high corrosion resistance, high pressure and temperature resistance. Last but not least, according to different needs, different welding ways and plate materials are available to lower the cost and get the greatest benefit. Due to its advantages, customized pillow plate heat exchangers are widely integrated in various industrial process applications, while comprehensively considering the flexibility, shape, size and heat transfer area during engineering design.