China OEM Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Sizing - Free flow channel Plate Heat Exchanger – Shphe

How Plate Heat Exchanger works?

Plate Type Air Preheater

Plate Heat Exchanger is composed of many heat exchange plates which are sealed by gaskets and tightened together by tie rods with locking nuts between frame plate. The medium runs into the path from the inlet and is distributed into flow channels between heat exchange plates. The two fluids flow countercurrent in the channel, the hot fluid transfers heat to the plate, and the plate transfers heat to the cold fluid on the other side. Therefore the hot fluid is cooled down and the cold fluid is warmed up.

Why plate heat exchanger?

☆ High heat transfer coefficient

☆ Compact structure less foot print

☆ Convenient for maintenance and cleaning

☆ Low fouling factor

☆ Small end-approach temperature

☆ Light weight

☆ Small footprint

☆ Easy to change surface area


Plate thickness 0.4~1.0mm
Max. design pressure 3.6MPa
Max. design temp. 210ºC